Dead Horse Creek
Job Number: 17010
Role: General Contractor
Primary Work Type: Pipeline
Other Work Type: Integrity Digs
Status: Complete
Location: Manitoba
Duration:: Aug-2017 – Nov-2017
Contract Type: Cost Plus

Somerville was contracted to excavate four existing pipelines on a steep hill, through a fish bearing creek. Somerville had to isolate the creek for the width of the pipeline ROW and pump the river water around the isolation. Somerville replaced 12 joints of 24″ and 4 joints of 20″, the line was isolated using stopples, the existing pipe was removed and new pipe replaced using large cranes as sideboom access was not possible. A tandem critical lift of the 24″ pipe was required using a 300 ton and 275 ton crane. Somerville also completed sleeving on other adjacent lines as required. Somerville executed all civil, welding, coating and restoration for the project.