ENMAX 138kV Ductbank & Crossing Glenmore-Sarcee

Job Number: 16210
Role: General Contractor
Primary Work Type: Utility
Other Work Type: Transmission, Trenchless Crossing
Status: Completed
Location: Alberta
Duration:: Aug-2016 – Aug-2016
Contract Type: Lump Sum
Underground concrete encased PVC duct structure for two underground circuits for the 21.80L & 28.80L, 138-kV cables.
Included all necessary permits, labor, material and disposal of materials necessary to install the duct bank as noted in drawings and specifications.
This project included the purchase and installation of all 138-kV concrete encased PVC duct structure for six 138- kV XLPE, 2000mm2 insulated cables
Pipe augering 36″ steel casing under Sarcee trail at a length of 100m and 300m of concrete encased 8 way ductbank. The crossing was grouted after duct installation.
The area of excavation greatly changed in sections, from an invert of 2.2m to 8.4m of cover.  Various forms of shoring and open cut trenching had to be utilized to complete this scope of work.