Les Cedres Loop Pipeline Project

Job Number: 07 002M
Role: General Contractor
Primary Work Type: Pipeline Construction
Other Work Type: pipeline_facility_construction
Status: Completed
Location: Quebec
Duration:: May-2006 – Nov-2006
Contract Type: UPC

The Les Cedres Project consisted of 21.3 km of NPS36 pipeline through agricultural and cultivated land, an hour west of Montreal near the Ontario border. This was a line looping project completed to supply natural gas to a co-generation plant near Montreal. One major river crossing was completed by the horizontal directional drill method under the Delisle River. Extensive station work involved the installation of a 36″ valve and a 24″ bypass line that connected into existing facilities. All station facilities were constructed on piles. The pipeline was later methanol washed after hydrostatic testing. This was also the first automatic welding spread conducted in the Province of Quebec. The project was completed with Joint Venture partners Ganotec Corporation and Comstock Canada.