TC Energy – Return to Service – Burstall, SK
Client: TC Energy
Owner: TC Energy
Job Number: 19016
Role: Pipeline
Primary Work Type: Pipeline
Other Work Type:
Status: Complete
Location: Alberta
Duration:: Dec-2019 – Aug-2020
Contract Type: Unit Price

This project is to support the segments of the NPS 34 EAS mainline (Line 100-1) and NPS 42 EAS Mainline Loop #3 (Line 100-4) Return to Service.

Package #1 – West Work Bundle includes Line 100-4 NPS 42 Launcher 1 located at EAS42 Valve Station, Line 100-1 line reconnect, Line 100-4 NPS 42 Receiver 1, EAS40-3 NPS42 Valve Replacement and EAS40-0 NPS34 Valve Replacement all located at Empress Meter Station.

Package #2 – East Work Bundle includes Line 100-4 NPS 42 Launcher 2 located at Empress Meter Station, EAS11-3-BV NPS42 Valve Replacement, the demolition of EVC-4 Control Valve  and installation of straight pipe. Line 100-4 Receiver 2 & Line 100-4 Line reconnect located at Burstall Compressor Station.