Terrace Expansion Program – Phase II

Job Number: 02 001M
Role: General Contractor
Primary Work Type: Pipeline Construction
Other Work Type: pipeline_transmission
Status: Completed
Location: Saskatchewan
Duration:: Mar-2001 – Sep-2001
Value: 50M +
Contract Type: UPC

Terrace Phase II consists of 123 kilometres of new NPS 36″ diameter pipeline over three separate construction segments between Hardisty, Alberta, and Kerrobert, Saskatchewan. The project connects existing sections of NPS 48″ diameter pipeline, and extends the 894 kilometre fifth pipeline created in Phase I by a total of 176 kilometres. As part of the Terrace expansion, Enbridge also built two new pumping stations and make various modifications to existing facilities and equipment.

Terrace Phase II was built to to help meet pipeline transportation needs for crude oil and petroleum liquids as forecast by the industry for oil sands and other production from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.