Horizontal Directional Drilling

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Finding safer, better and faster ways to work is the focus at Somerville, which has made us leaders in performance-improving technology. Horizontal Directional Drilling is one such technology, a steerable, trenchless method for installing gas and product pipelines, sewer and water mains, power and telecom where conventional open-cut techniques are not feasible. With minimal impact on the surrounding area, Somerville drills from 1/2-inch to 48-inch diameters.

Typical Horizontal Directional Drilling applications have included:

  • Under rail line installations without service downtime
  • Glycol and jet fuel pipeline installation at active airports
  • Pipeline bundled with multi-use conduit under active runways
  • Retrofitting residential and commercial sprinkler systems
  • Upgrading power service to end users
  • Crossing protected forests and wetlands

As leaders in the field, Somerville introduced the technology more than 20 years ago, acquiring its first directional drilling rig in 1989. Today we have a significant level of expertise, knowledgeable and trained crews, and one of Canada’s largest fleets of Directional Drilling equipment to meet the needs of our clients and partners.