Utilities Infrastructure

Utilities Infrastructure

Somerville has completed utility infrastructure projects ranging from 230kV transmission systems to residential distribution systems to communications networks. In both new installations and rehabilitation projects, in remote areas and urban settings, we have been connecting communities to power, water, gas, sewer, fibre optics, telephone and cable through the building of utility infrastructure for decades.

Power Transmission

Somerville provides a complete range of on-ground and underground infrastructure for large-scale power and telecommunications transmission projects. These include concrete structures, underground ducts and access structures for high voltage transmission systems.

Our expertise extends to project planning, construction and maintenance. We install both new and replacement assets across Canada, delivering results in difficult situations like on rail lines and airport runways. In one example, we bored under six sets of tracks to install a 1-metre cable duct without interrupting rail service.

Power and Utilities Distribution

Somerville builds infrastructure to distribute power and other utilities to homes and businesses. Projects include metered utilities and shared amenities, such as streetlight systems for business parks and residential communities.

Somerville pioneered joint utility trenching, a time- and cost-saving innovation that uses a single trench to service homes and businesses with electric power, gas, telephone, fibre optics, water, sewer and cable.

Facilities Construction

Somerville installs new and replacement ducts, conduits, pads and access structures. We also build industrial power generation capacity and related infrastructure. We have worked as suppliers and partners with municipalities, utility companies, other contractors and large end-users.

Because of Somerville’s experience and personnel resources, we are able to match crews to both project scope and our partners’ capabilities.