Commitment to Quality


Somerville works with clients and partners in many provinces and regions, each with their own particular set of regulations and requirements. We built that broad experience into our Quality Management System (QMS) and use it as our overall guiding process for all operations. As a forward-looking organization, we are driven to continually improve our business processes, achieved through the development of objectives and quality-related performance indicators, and the ongoing training and skills development of our work force.

From our stringent project planning processes to our Quality Management System, Somerville is aligned with all industry best practices and the client requirements in all regions, including ISO 9000, the international standards that focus on quality management. Some of the key components of Somerville’s QMS include:

  • Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Program
  • Management and worker training programs
  • Business procedures and policies
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control programs
  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation systems

With Quality personnel having expertise in areas such as Quality Engineering, Metallurgy, and NACE Coating Inspection Programs, we are able to provide clients with assurance that Quality needs are being met.