ATCO Gas Urban Pipeline Replacement (UPR) - 114 Ave West

Project Information

Client: ATCO Gas
Job Number: 17507
Work Type: Distribution Pipeline
Location: Alberta
Contract Type: Unit Price
Owner: ATCO Gas
Role: Prime Contractor
Status: Completed
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Approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission in January 2014, the Urban Pipeline Replacement (UPR) Program will see the high-pressure natural gas transmission pipelines in Edmonton and Calgary neighbourhoods recommissioned to lower pressure natural gas distribution service or abandoned and new, modern high-pressure natural gas transmission pipelines installed primarily within the Transportation/Utility Corridors (TUCs) that surround the cities. Somerville was responsible for the installation of the 12" PE lines in the City of Edmonton. The primary method of installation is by directional drill utilizing Somervilles JT30 size drills, and involve the installation of approximately 4000m of PE pipe. Installation will be primarily within residential neighbourhoods. Somerville is responsible for all aspects of the job from planning and installation, to testing and tie-ins, traffic control, and reclamation to City standards.