BP Annual General Contract - 2011

Project Information

Client: BP Canada Energy Company
Job Number: 11365
Work Type: Distribution Pipeline
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: CPFF
Owner: BP Canada Energy Company
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
Windsor Sarnia Pipeline (WSP) BP Annual General Contract - 2011 The WSP consists of approximately 133 kilometres of NPS 12" outside diameter pipeline with 13 interspaced mainline block valves. The WSP commences at a valve located at the Windsor Terminal near Windsor, Ontario. There are two delivery points. The first is near kilometre post (kp) 123 at a connection to the NOVA NPS 4 pipeline which delivers to the NOVA Corunna chemical facility. The WSP terminates at the second delivery point, at the Dow Chemical underground storage facility near MH-1-2009 in Sarnia, Ontario. The WSP was originally designed to be capable of transporting ethylene, ethane, propane, butane and mixed NGL. The WSP inlet is connected to the Cochin Pipeline at the Windsor Terminal. Robert B. Somerville Co. Limited was awarded a contract to provide maintenance and new construction services for the WSP. Upgrade projects will enable configuring the WSP to receive deliveries from many other pipelines and facilities. This is an annual renewable maintenance and construction contract. Scope activities included investigative digs, pipeline section repalcements, sleeve placements, plidco split tee tie-ins, pipeline interconnections and various stations fabrication and mechanical works.