Horizontal Directional Drilling

Greenstone/ Geraldton NPS6 HDD Crossings

Project Information

Client: TC Energy
Job Number: 22009-17
Work Type: Integrity & Maintenance
Location: Geraldton, Ontario
Contract Type: Lump Sum
Owner: TC Energy
Role: Prime Contractor
Status: Complete
Duration: 2022-09-06T04:00:00.0000000Z2022-10-18T04:00:00.0000000Z
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This work was part of an expansion to bring natural gas to a new gold mine and redirection of Hwy 11.  Somerville was contracted to install NPS6 gas pipe at two locations.  An American Augers DD110 drill and support equipment was utilized to complete this project.  The first location required drilling through rock under Hwy 11 consisting of 290m of NPS6 gas pipe.  Second location was a 355m bore of NPS6 gas pipe, under the Kenomagasis River in the Town of Geraldton.  Ground conditions at this location added to the difficulty of this bore and it was successfully completed with minimal disruption or issues.