Starwood Solar Farm

Project Information

Client: Q-Cells International Inc.
Job Number: 10102
Work Type: Transmission Powerlines
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: LSC
Owner: Q-CelIs International Inc..
Role: Subcontractor
Status: Completed
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Robert B. Somerville Co. Limited in partnership with Almita Piling Manufacturing Inc, were contracted to construct an initial 20MW of Phase II of the Sault Ste Marie Solar Farm Project. Upon successful completion of the initial phase an additional 10MW project was added to the contract. Somerville and Almita entered into a partnering agreement to provide the supply and installation of helical screw piles. Almita provided the engineering and manufacturing of the helical piles, and Somerville provided the local labour and equipment resources to install the piles. The partnership met with the Local Content requirements outlined by the Ontario Power Authorities (OPA) Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) contracts. This contract included the installation of 21,744 helical piles with diameters of 4.5" and 5.5". It also included the assembly of 7,248 Solar Flexracks and 144,960 Q-Cells solar modules.