ATCO Gas Steel Mains Replacement Program (SMR) – Meridian St Feeder 12 inch
Client: ATCO Gas
Owner: ATCO Gas
Job Number: 21501
Role: Prime Contractor
Primary Work Type: Pipeline
Other Work Type:
Status: Active
Location: Alberta
Duration:: Apr-2021 – Jun-2021
Contract Type: Unit Price

Project is to install a new 12″ gas distribution feeder pipeline along Meridian Street in the northeast part of Edmonton. Area is primarily rural, with the installation primarily in a boulevard. Project involves working in proximity to and crossing through several pipeline ROW’s. There is a large ravine/creek crossing where the pipe will be installed by one continuous horizontal direction drill that is 430m long, utilizing a 220 size drill. Project involves installation of 880m of 12″ PE and 430m of 12″ Steel. PE pipe will be installed by open cut.