Regent Park Phase II – Site Servicing
Job Number: 11 014
Role: Subcontractor
Primary Work Type: Pipeline Construction
Other Work Type: renewables_district_energy
Status: Completed
Location: Ontario
Duration:: Aug-2011 – Dec-2012
Contract Type: LSC

Regent Park Revitalization – Phase II
Site Servicing

In April of 2009, Toronto Community Housing announced that The Daniels Corporation was chosen as developer and construction partner for Phase II and all future phases. Plans for Phase II feature the key elements of a great Toronto neighbourhood: market condominiums and affordable housing, indoor and outdoor community facilities and a broad range of retail services.

Robert B. Somerville was contracted to undertake the construction of the site servicing including the following;

Municipal Infrastructure
Somerville was responsible for the removal of existing and subsequent replacement of pavement, curbs, sidewalks, boulevards, storm sewers, sanitary sewers and watermains along Sumach, Sackville Belshaw, St. David, Sutton Ave and St. Batholomew Streets. Somerville subcontracted with Coco Paving for various responsibilities of these scopes.

Somerville was responsible for the removal and replacement of new streetlighting infrastructure within Phase II project area. This included the 35 lights, with applicable ductbank, handwells, interconnection to Toronto Hydro Standard.

District Energy Piping
Regent Park Energy Inc is jointly owned by Toronto Community Housing & Corix Utilities. RPEI designed and built a District Energy System that encompassed the whole of Regent Park. Somerville was responsible for the installation of the hot and chilled water piping along, Sutton, Belsahw, Sumach and St. Batholomew Street. The scope also included the construction of valve chambers and service connections as well as the flushing, cleaning and commissioning of the pipelines. The system was designed by FVB Energy

Campus Electrical Infrastructure
Somerville was responsible for the removal and disposal of the existing and the subsequent construction of the new electrical infrastructure servicing the Phase 2 site. This included construction of all ductbank, manholes, electrical vaults, switchgear and transformer hardware. The system was designed by Nexgen Utilities.