Vancouver Airport Fuel Delivery Project (VAFDP)
Job Number: 19003
Role: Prime
Engineer: RAM Engineering
Primary Work Type: Pipeline Construction
Other Work Type: Horizontal Directional Drilling
Status: Complete
Location: British Columbia
Duration:: Apr-2019 – Jul-2020
Contract Type: Fixed Price

Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation (VAFFC) constructed a new fuel delivery system, which Somerville was contracted to construct approximately 11 kilometers of its 13 kilometer 14″ pipeline system. The pipeline route begins at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and crosses under the Morray Channel onto Bridgeport Road. The route then travels south along HWY 99 working within the utility corridor where it then travels cross country along agricultural fields and terminates at the Fraser River receiving terminal. The project consisted of 19 HDD’s varying in lengths between 200m-850m totaling 8644m, multiple tie-ins and a 500m open cut section. This project required management of multiple stakeholders in an urban environment, stringent environmental regulations and unique ground conditions associated with working in the Richmond area. In addition, the project included early contractor engagement focusing on constructability reviews, value engineering, planning and permit acquisition.