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Somerville has remained in business for over sixty years by consistently executing projects. We have helped to build many strong communities across this country, one project at a time, and in fact due to our collective and respective efforts have helped to build a strong country. We understand mega-projects these days require a distinct level of expertise and experience, which we have, but we are quite flexible – and friendly – too.

Our crews are admired for their professionalism, and their personal high regard for safety and the environment, whether completing projects both large and small. While on this page you will always see an updated selection of our most recent projects. Dig deeper. Within our specifically constructed project vault, we hope you’ll enjoy perusing our impeccable history, especially when viewed across a truly immense spectrum of activity.

Fortis BC – Whistler IP Project

Client: Fortis BC Location: British Columbia Status: Completed Duration: Sep-2018 to Nov-2018

Somerville installed approximately 3.8km of NPS8 IP Gas line for Fortis BC in Whistler, BC.  Scope included two crossings at Highway 99, a HDD creek crossing, multiple tie-ins and hydrotesting a segme …  Visit project ›

Nexen K1A HDD Project

Client: Nexen Location: Alberta Status: Completed Duration: Dec-2018 to May-2019

Installed nine (9) NPS30 cased crossings for the Kinosis 1A (K1A) pipeline project between the Long Lake and K1 A Facility. HDD crossings were performed in the existing right of way in close proximity …  Visit project ›

TC NPS 10 Saddle Lake Hydrotest Project

Client: TC Energy Location: Alberta Status: Completed Duration: Apr-2020 to Jul-2020

Scope included hydrostatic testing of 5 sections of approximately 60km on the NPS 10 Saddle Lake Lateral between St. Paul, AB and Bonnyville, AB. Each section ranged from 8.5km to 15.9km in length. …  Visit project ›

Detroit River Crossing

Client: Minnesota Pipeline Location: Ontario Status: Completed Duration: Apr-2019 to Jul-2019

Somerville supported a U.S. general contractor with the pipeline activities on the Canadian side of the Detroit River for the Utopia Pipeline project.  Scope included supporting the directional drilli …  Visit project ›

TC Energy – Return to Service – Burstall, SK

Client: TC Energy Location: Alberta Status: Complete Duration: Dec-2019 to Nov-2020

Scope included the construction and installation of facilities associated with the Return to Service of isolated segments of NPS 34 EAS Mainline and NPS 42 EAS Mainline Loop #3.   Scope activities spr …  Visit project ›

Enbridge Pipeline Integrity Digs

Client: Enbridge Pipelines Location: Across Canada Status: Completed Duration: Jan-2020 to Dec-2020

Somerville has successfully worked with Enbridge Pipelines for several years to complete integrity digs on various diameter pipelines across Eastern and Western Canada.    This work is typically time …  Visit project ›

Imperial Oil Pipeline Maintenance Program

Client: Imperial Oil Limited Location: Across Canada Status: Ongoing - Annual Contract Duration: Jan-2017 to Dec-2020

This is an annual General Contract that Somerville has successfully renewed with Imperial Oil each year for the past 25 years.   Somerville assists Imperial Oil by providing maintenance services for a …  Visit project ›

TransNorthern Integrity Program

Client: TransNorthern Pipeline Inc. Location: Ontario Status: Ongoing Duration: Jan-2017 to Dec-2020

TransNorthern Pipelines has renewed their annual general contract with Somerville since 1995.   The contract covers their pipeline maintenance from Naticoke to Montreal corridor.  Work is inclusive of …  Visit project ›

NPL Walker’s Quarry

Client: NPL Canada Location: Ontario Status: Complete Duration: Apr-2020 to Jun-2020

This work was part of a landfill gas recovery project to remove methane gas from an existing landfill to power up turbine generators for power to the St. Catharines GM plant.  Somerville was contracte …  Visit project ›

ATCO Pipelines – Pembina-Keephills Transmission Line (PKTL)

Client: ATCO Pipelines Location: Alberta Status: Complete Duration: Aug-2019 to Mar-2020

Construction of the Pembina-Keephills Transmission Project comprised of approximately 58.6km of NPS 30 pipe, 800m of NPS 24 pipe, and 200m of NPS 20 pipe. Construction included eleven (11) Horizontal …  Visit project ›