About PAR

Somerville is a proud member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) and is honoured to have achieved the designation of PAR Committed within the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program.

Somerville’s Indigenous community engagement initiatives have been successfully appraised according to the PAR framework which evaluates companies based upon four PAR performance areas or “PAR drivers” to ensure Somerville’s comprehensive business engagement with Indigenous communities. Somerville has been successfully evaluated in relation to the following drivers:  Leadership Actions, Employment, Business Development, and Community Relationships. Within each of these drivers, Somerville has demonstrated a comprehensive commitment to the core components of successful positive business relations with Indigenous communities. Somerville greatly values the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program and looks forward to continued collaboration with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

As a Par Certified member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), Somerville has access to the CCAB’s Aboriginal Procurement Marketplace. This is the largest online inventory of certified Aboriginal businesses in Canada. This online platform can be searched by region and by business profile which facilitates matching Somerville’s procurement needs to CCAB Certified Aboriginal businesses. When Somerville procures certified Aboriginal businesses, we can be certain that the economic benefits from Somerville’s procurement opportunities are going back to Indigenous communities, community members and their families.