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Horizontal Directional Drilling - Light Rigs (<100k)

As leaders in the field, Somerville introduced the technology more than 30 years ago, acquiring its first directional drilling rig in 1989. After acquiring its first Directional Drilling Rig, the growth and experience gained over the last 30 years has created a large, diversified fleet. Somerville HDD has a wide range of capabilities with small rigs as little as 1/4” to a million-pound MAXI Rig capable of 2000+ meters in length and 60” hole opening. 

Somerville's successful execution of projects across Canada proves its capability of performing trenchless installations across many sectors: water and sewer, telecom, oil, and gas. Somerville has a proven track record in performing trenchless installations in a wide range of conditions and locations, from remote sites to congested urban installations. 

Trenchless installations require a solid foundation of top-tier equipment, manpower, and consistent ongoing improvements of technology, all which Somerville excels in. Somerville’s fleet includes:

  • Five (5) 5,000 lb. rigs
  • One (1)10,000 lb. rig
  • Six (6) 20,000 lb. rigs
  • Two (20) 30,000 lb. rigs

Horizontal Directional Drilling now extends into a tremendously large array of crossing applications:

  • Under major roads and highway interchanges without interruption.
  • Underwater bodies (rivers, lakes, and streams.
  • Under rail line installations without service downtime.
  • Glycol and jet fuel pipeline installation at active airports.
  • Pipeline bundled with multi-use conduit under active runways.
  • Retrofitting residential and commercial sprinkler systems.
  • Upgrading power service to end users.
  • Under protected forests and wetlands.

As a leader in the field, Somerville has experience coast to coast in the most remote locations to the busiest of inner-city, high-profile projects. Contact a member of our team for questions or to book an educational, informative lunch and learn for your team(s). 

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