About the Program

In 2006, Robert B. Somerville activated the Target Zero campaign to further educate and help support an injury free workplace. The program sets an ambitious goal of zero recordable incidents, zero preventable motor vehicle accidents, zero environmental spills, zero serious injuries & fatalities, because when it comes to hurting our employees, subcontractors, clients, general public, and the environment in which we work there is no acceptable number.

Continuous Improvement of Our Safety Performance

On a continuous basis senior management reviews the weekly incident statistics report along with Incident Investigations, Action Cards, Near Miss reports and Task Analysis Safety Cards. Collectively they decide how to implement the controls for the incident trends and concerns into the corporate safety program as well as Job Hazard Analyses and Safe Operating Procedures. All relevant learnings as a result of past incidents and near misses internal to Robert B. Somerville as well as external to the company are communicated company-wide to all workers. This aids in the successful execution of the Target Zero Campaign