2009 - Calgary Meter Move Program

Project Information

Client: Atco Gas
Job Number: 09511
Work Type: Distribution Pipeline
Location: Alberta
Contract Type: UPC
Owner: Atco Gas
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
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The scope of the work was to relocate existing residential inside gas meters to the exterior of houses to bring the meter to the outside of the residence for reading purposes and as a safety upgrade to ATCO Gas' system. All work was within Edmonton, Alberta. Somerville was responsible for everything from contacting customers and making appointments, applying for and tracking locates/permits, completing all below ground work so that the existing steel line could be transitioned to plastic and a new riser installed on the exterior of the house, and completing all associated downstream piping. The below ground work involved digging either by hand or with a mini-excavator and using trenchless technology (ie. torpedo or hole hog) to run the line under ground with minimal disturbance to the customers yard. The gas line downstream of the meter was also piped to complete the moving of the gas meter. The yards were then repaired back to the same or better condition than before our work, which included such things as laying sod, pouring and finishing concrete or completing asphalt repairs. The downstream work also included completing inside repairs such as drywall or carpentry. Contract is to complete 2,000 moves in the City of Calgary.