Alberta Clipper Project - Spread 4

Project Information

Client: Enbridge Pipelines Inc.
Job Number: 08006M
Work Type: Mainlnie Pipeline
Location: Saskatchewan
Contract Type: CPFF
Owner: Enbridge Pipelines Inc.
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
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The entire Alberta Clipper Pipeline Project is a new 1590km crude oil pipeline extending from Hardisty Alberta, to Superior, Wisconsin. The Canadian portion of the Project entailed the construction of 1,070km of NPS36 pipeline from the Hardisty Terminal to the US border near Gretna, Manitoba. Work awarded and constructed was Spread 4 with a length of approximately 98.6km. This new ROW was constructed across the Canadian prairies adjacent to Enbridge's existing facilities. One major project milestone included the topsoil stripping of Spreads 4, within the fall of 2008, during the construction of Spread 3. Spread 4 was constructed in the winter of 2009. Cleanup and hydrostatic testing of Spread 4 was initiated and completed in the summer season of 2009. Three block/check valves were installed on precast concrete foundations. The project was completed with our Joint Venture Partner Techint E&C