ATCO Gas Meter Relocation and Replacement Project - Calgary

Project Information

Client: ATCO Gas
Job Number: 17511
Work Type: Distribution Pipeline
Location: Alberta
Contract Type: Unit Price
Owner: ATCO Gas
Role: Prime Contractor
Status: Completed
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The purpose of this project is to relocate existing inside gas meters to the exterior of buildings for reading purposes and as a safety upgrade to ATCO Gas' system. This involves working with steel and plastic gas lines, as well as tubing gas lines which require a newly developed 'Stopper Tool' to effectively stop the flow of gas with a 100% containment. Somerville is fully trained in the use of this newly developed tool. The project involves work on both residential buildings as well as comercial buildings. Somerville is responsible for everything from contacting customers and making appointments, applying for and tracking locates/permits, completing all below ground work and completing all associated downstream piping. The below ground work involves digging either by hand or with a mini-excavator and using trenchless technology (ie. torpedo or hole hog and directional drill) to run the line under ground with minimal disturbance to the customers yard. The gas line downstream of the meter is also piped to complete the moving of the gas meter. The yards are then repaired back to the same or better condition, which includes such things as laying sod, pouring and finishing concrete or completing asphalt repairs. Contract is to complete 3700 moves.