Brine Disposal Pipeline Project

Project Information

Client: Potash Corporation
Job Number: 09512
Work Type: Water & Sewer
Location: New Brunswick
Contract Type: CPIF
Owner: Potash Corporation
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
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The Picadilly Project is a potash mine located near Sussex, New Brunswick. Robert B. Somerville constructed a 31 km Brine Disposal Pipeline of various sizes, from 14" to 22", complete with containment pipe, fibre optic line and 29 concrete chambers. This project was particularly challenging due to the complexities of installing not only a carrier pipe inside a containment pipe, but also a fibre optic line in-between the outer wall of the carrier pipe and the inner wall of the containment pipe. Also challenging because of the amount of directional drilling required for this project. The project required 6 fully dedicated directional drills working simultaneously in ground conditions consisting of boulders, gravel and solid rock with some drills working on larger crossings being operational 24/7.