CAS 20 - CAS 10 ML Loop Hydrotest

Project Information

Client: TC Energy
Job Number: 20007
Work Type: Integrity & Maintenance
Location: Alberta
Contract Type: Lump Sum
Role: Prime Contractor
Status: Completed
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Somerville was contracted by TC Energy to hydrotest 34km of NPS42 gas line in Strathmore, AB. Hydrotesting activities included installing pre-hydrotest modifications to two cross overs and reinstatement post hydrotest. There were also twelve vents and sales taps that were excavated, examined and modified or re-coated prior to testing. Additionally, NPS42 valve modifications were completed during the line outage. Water was pumped 5.7km from a local dam reservoir to the fill site where three C-Rings were set up. Other activities included: excavation, backfill, welding, coating, pile installation, access, dewatering, hydrotesting, installation of new fencing and a main line valve equalization line.