Cast Iron Gas Replacement Program

Project Information

Client: Enbridge Gas Distribution
Job Number: 05001
Work Type: Distribution Pipeline
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: UPC
Owner: Enbridge Gas Distribution
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
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Key to Somerville's ability to offer Clients cost effective and efficient processes is our experience in providing end to end, "turn key" project planning and management. This is highlighted by our completion of the Enbridge Accelerated Cast Iron Gas Infrastructure replacement program in Toronto, Ontario. In 2005, Somerville completed the replacement of over 100,000 metres of aging Cast Iron Gas Mains and over 16,000 residential and commercial services. This project was completed on time and on budget by implementing the following project planning process. Working collaboratively with the Client's Planning and Design Department and the Municipal Planning Authority, new line locations where selected that minimized construction costs by selecting the most cost effective running lines and increased turn-around time for permitting and design of as-built drawings. In addition, Somerville provided Sub-surface Utility Engineering (SUE) services with our own in-house Utility Locaters, ensuring all potential conflicts were identified and mitigated before construction commenced. Project was analyzed by Somerville Management to ensure: o Budgets were created. o Productivity targets and measures were set and communicated. o Work schedules were created. o Procurement of materials. o Equipment and competent personnel were assigned. Dedicated Project Coordinators were assigned to each phase to ensure all aspects of the work was tracked and completed according to Client and Somerville requirements. Somerville Work Management Centre coordinated all aspects of the administration of the project including: o Obtaining Utility Locates and Permits o Preparing and scheduling of Electronic Work Orders for Construction Crews o Addressing Customer inquiries. o Completion of all Work Orders in Clients electronic Work Management System