Watermain CIPP Lining in Etobicoke York, North York, Toronto, and East York (various Wards)

Project Information

Client: City of Toronto
Job Number: 20304
Work Type: Cured-In Place Lining
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Contract Type: Unit Price
Role: Prime Contractor
Status: Active
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This contract includes in general, the following work: A pre-survey of all properties prior to construction to determine size of service, material of service, status of water meter, location of service. Where existing services are found to be substandard they will be upgraded. Installation of temporary watermain to isolate the existing watermain to be rehabilitated. Rehabilitation of existing watermains of various sizes by installation of Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) including cleaning, inspection and testing. Replacement of existing valves, hydrants and fittings, etc. and permanent restoration to disturbed areas. Districts involved: Etobicoke York, North York, Toronto, and East York District, Wards, 3, 11, 14 and 15