Corunna Storage Terminal Hwy 40 Pipeline Crossing

Project Information

Client: Provident Energy Ltd.
Job Number: 10025
Work Type: Integrity & Maintenance
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: LSC
Owner: Provident Energy Ltd.
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
Provident Energy Ltd. was seeking to expand its underground storage capabilities at their Provident Corunna Storage Terminal in Corunna, St. Clair Township. Robert B. Somerville was contracted to install five NPS 8 Steel high pressure product pipelines and one NPS 8 HDPE firewater pipeline to connect their east and west properties across Hwy 40. The pipelines were connected to new above grade facilities that were constructed and managed in a different contract. The pipelines were installed by a combination of horizontal directional drill (HDD) and open trench excavation. The length of each pipeline was approximately 1,350m (4430 ft). The pipelines will allow Provident to move products between different below grade storage caverns.