Design, Supply and Install 5.5 Kilometres 230 KV Cable Circuits

Project Information

Client: Black and McDonald Ltd.
Job Number: 12077
Work Type: Distribution Powerlines
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: Lump Sum
Owner: Hydro One Networks Inc.
Role: Contractor
Status: In Progress
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Work for this contract included the replacement of 2 complete circuits of high voltage cable (230 KV) in Toronto, between the Riverside Transformer Station and the Strachan Transformer Station - a distance of some 5.5 kilometres. Existing cables are contained in an oil filled pipeline. Working under Black andMcDonald, RB Somerville was responsible for the support required to directional drill existing roadways/highways and rail lines (900m of HDPE), locate and remove from the groundthe existing cables circuits, re-excavate the trench, and install aconcrete encased ductbank consisting of 6 x 200 mmPVC conduits to carry the 230 KV cable and 1 x 100 mm conduit for a fibre optic cable to operate a SCADA system. We were also responsible for the excavation and shoring for the installation of 5 precast concrete double splicing/jointing manholes. Some civil concrete and ductbank related work was also completed at the Riverside and Strachan transformer stations.