Dofasco Waste Nitrogen Pipeline Replacement Project

Project Information

Client: Air Liquide Canada Inc.
Job Number: 05003
Work Type: Distribution Pipeline
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: CPFF
Owner: Air Liquide Canada Inc.
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
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The existing Waste Nitrogen pipeline crossing the City Bridge at the Stelco Facility required replacement. It was critical that the existing line was not shut down as it was the main supply line for the area hospital as well as the steel manufacturing industries. Robert B. Somerville was responsible for the design and installation of a new 16" pipeline complete with new supports that accomodated the having the existing pipeline in full operation. Final tie-in was a Hot Tap and Stopple process that minimized down time. The exisitng pipeline was then removed. The work was required to allow for the widening of the bridge deck.