Enbridge - 16 Mile Creek, Oakville, Ontario

Project Information

Client: Enbridge Pipelines
Job Number: 18014
Work Type: Integrity & Maintenance
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: Cost Plus
Owner: Enbridge Pipelines
Role: Prime Contractor
Status: Completed
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Due to severe bank instability and overburden collapse into 16 Mile Creek (a major tributary of Lake Ontario), an existing NPS 20 Enbridge pipeline was removed from the steep shale rock slope and from within the creek. It was capped on both the upstream and downstream ends. As this creek is a major spawning tributary for salmon and rainbow trout, water flow had to be maintained at all times. As a result the removal was done is segments, isolating the east and west sides of the river to maintain water flow. This project was extremely challenging as a safe way to remove the pipeline from a 100 vertical bankhad to be developed with limited access to the hill base due to the close proximity to Glen Abbey Golf Course.