Enbridge - Clearwater Hill Stabilization Project

Project Information

Client: Enbridge Pipelines
Job Number: 21005
Work Type: Integrity & Maintenance
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: Time & Material
Owner: Enbridge Pipelines
Role: Prime Contractor
Status: Completed
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Major challenges of this project included severe slope instability and movement of the hill with multiple Enbridge pipelines within the ROW. Somerville completed the installation of multiple deep slope drains to remove ground water from the slope and stabilize the hill from sliding. Approximately 30 plastic drain pipes were drilled into the hill using a tracked drilling machine, the water draining from the drains was discharged into a collection system and drained downslope removing water from the soils. In addition, a specialized trenching machine was used that was capable of excavating 30 depths in a single pass, installing perforated pipe in the base of the ditch followed by backfilling behind as it progressed up slope. The water from this deep water collection pipe was also collected and taken downslope to the toe of the hill for discharge to help dry and stabilize the soils to eliminate further movement.