Enbridge - Line 9 Bronte Creek Stabilization

Project Information

Client: Enbridge Pipelines
Job Number: 19375
Work Type: Integrity & Maintenance
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: Time & Material
Owner: Enbridge Pipelines
Role: Prime Contractor
Status: Completed
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Line 9 was exposed on the east bank of Bronte Creek due to bank erosion. Somerville was contracted to shift the footprint of the creek ~6 m west to re-establish adequate depth of cover over the pipe, as well as install a live crib wall along the eastern bank of the creek to provide erosion control along the steep eastern slope. This creek is a major tributary to Lake Ontario due to spawning salmon and trout migration up river, it was critical to maintain flow at all times. The project had to be completed in segments isolating the east and west banks of the creek in segments to maintain flow. Access to site was down a steep hill, through private property on the west river bank and the east bank was too steep for access. A bridge needed to be installed over Bronte Creek to allow access to the east bank for the crib wall installation.