ENMAX Civil Construction - Substation 2

Project Information

Client: ENMAX Power Corporation
Job Number: 13210
Work Type: Substations
Location: Alberta
Contract Type: Lump Sum
Owner: ENMAX Power Corporation
Role: Contractor
Status: Completed
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As part of the Substation 2 (Sub 2) upgrade project to increase capacity in the downtown core, ENMAX expanded Sub 2 to include a new GIS building, the relocation of existing plant within the existing energized station, and construction, installation, and testing of new concrete duct banks that terminated and connected to existing overhead structures. Robert B. Somerville providedthe necessary labour, equipment and materials to install and proof 15kV and 138kV concrete encased PVC duct banks coming in and out of the substation and terminating at existing nearby tower line structures. Some challenges included working in an existing energized station, coordinating work areas with other onsite contractors, and the depth and configurations of the structures installed.