Horizontal Directional Drilling

EPCOR - 25kV Horizontal Directional Drill of Highway 2 & Related Work

Project Information

Client: EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.
Job Number: 13207
Work Type: Heavy Rigs (100k & larger)
Location: Alberta
Contract Type: UPC
Owner: EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.
Role: General Contractor
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Construction at the south city limits of the City of Edmonton, Alberta consisting of two (2) Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) crossings of Highway 2, along the south side of 41 Avenue SW, connecting to a new manhole in the median of Highway 2. HDD consisted of the fusion and installation of a single 8" (200mm) high-density polyethylene (HDPE) conduit for a single 25kV circuit to replace the current alignment of circuit 21SU that conflicts with the construction of the proposed interchange at 41 Avenue SW and Highway 2.