Facility Pump Stations - Cold Lake & Polaris Expansion Project

Project Information

Client: InterPipeline Fund
Job Number: 12000
Work Type: Mainlnie Pipeline
Location: Alberta
Contract Type: LSC
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
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This $200 million contract included facilities work related to the Cold Lake and Polaris Expansion projects. Scope of work included the construction of several pumping stations, metering facilities, junction sites and associated pipeline connections at multiple sites along the pipeline. Kirby South Station - 3 x 2000HP pumping station Winefred Junction - metering station, testing and 4 pig traps PX2-7 Expansion - 2 metering stations, 1 km 16" pipeline Foster Creek Phase I - 9 pig traps, 3 km 10" & 24" pipelines Foster Creek Phase 2 - 3 pump houses, 4 x 3000HP Lamont Station - 3 x 5750 HP pumping station Edmonton Station - 2 x 4500HP pumping station Christina Lake Station - 3 x 4500HP pumping station