Horizontal Directional Drilling

Fenelon Falls River NPS6 HDD Crossing

Project Information

Client: Aecon
Job Number: 18009-28
Work Type: Heavy Rigs (100k & larger)
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: Lump Sum
Owner: Enbridge Gas Distribution
Role: Horizontal Directional Drilling
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As part of the expansion to provide natural gas to the Town of Fenelon Falls and for future expansion to surrounding towns, Somerville was contracted to drill under the Fenelon Falls River. Drilling was parallel to a historical swing bridge currently used as a walking path during the summer and part of a snowmobile trail in the winter. The bore was drilled through solid limestone approximately 25m below the river bed to come to the surface on the north side of the river. Project was completed with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.