Fortis BC - Oliver MX-CDSU PE Install

Project Information

Client: FortisBC Energy Inc.
Job Number: 21511
Work Type: Distribution Pipeline
Location: British Columbia
Role: Prime Contractor
Status: Complete
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Project is to install 2,900m of up to PE main, up to 8", in the Town of Oliver, BC. Project is broken into 3 phases. Phase 1: Approximately 2,380m metres of 114mm DP PE from Bettison Rd to Pinehill Rd along Hwy 97, with 3 services. Phase 2: Approximately 266 metres of 114mm DP PE from Hillcrest Ave to Hillside St along L/W Kootenay St. Phase 3: Approximately 315 metres of 219mm DP PE along Spillway Rd. Installation will primarily be done by trenching, with some portions directionally drilled, including the highway crossing in Phase 1.