Hangingstone River Pipeline Crossing Project

Project Information

Client: Inter Pipeline Fund
Job Number: 11005
Work Type: Integrity & Maintenance
Location: Alberta
Contract Type: TPC
Owner: Inter Pipeline Fund
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
As part of the NPS 42 Corridor Expansion Pipeline project, Robert B. Somerville was contracted to install 795 meters of new 42" Steel pipeline across the Hangingstone River. Approximately 620 meters was installed by Horizontal Directional Drilling method. In addition, the Work includes two NPS 42 tie-in sections from the north and south ends of the HDD to the existing NPS 42 Corridor Expansion pipeline. The north section of tie-in pipeline is approximately 90 metres long and the south section of tie-in pipeline is approximately 88 metres long. The work included access and pad preparation, pipe section preparation (haul, string, weld, coat, pre-test, and put on rollers), casing, installation of the pilot hole, hole opening/reaming process to the appropriate size (minimum of 54 in.), installation of the pipeline section, and hydrostatic testing of section after installation and caliper pig run of installed pipeline section. Robert B. Somerville subcontracted to Direct Horizontal Drilling the directional drilling scope of the work.