Hydro One Annual Civil General Contract

Project Information

Client: Hydro One Networks Inc.
Job Number: 09056
Work Type: Transmission Powerlines
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: UPC
Owner: Hydro One Networks Inc.
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
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RB Somerville provides "As and When Required"Maintenance and Emergency Work for documented and suspected leaks to theirself contained oil filled cable type network in the Greater Toronto Area. Specifically, we provide manpower and equipment as needed to find any potential or documented leaks by performing the following operations:site inspection, ordering locates, mobilizing to site, traffic control, break out and excavate by themeans necessaryand locate cables. Ifa suspected leak is not found at that time, we would usually continue excavating until a source leak is found. HydroOne would then repair the pipe casing and then RB Somerville would backfill the excavation and remediate the site of any contaminated material, and provide final cleanup.