King Road Sanitary Forcemain

Project Information

Client: Region of York
Job Number: 04014
Work Type: Water & Sewer
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: LSC
Owner: Region of York
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
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T-04-60 King Road Sanitary Forcemain - Contract 2 The King City Sanitary Servicing Project began in late 2003 after receipt of approval of a Class Environmental Assessment. The project was designed to facilitate the connection of sanitary outfall into the York Durham Sanitary System. The project consisted of two primary phases. The first was divided into four separate contracts, Contract 1 - Main Pumping Station, Contract 2 - Forcemain Installation, Contract 3A - Local Sewer Adjustments & Contract 3B - Drop Structures at King Road & Keele Street. Somerville was awarded a contract which included the installation of 5,120 meters of 20" High Density Polyethylene Pipeline from Banner Lane in King City along King Road to a valve chamber in Oak Ridges close to the intersection of King Road and Yonge Street. The installation was completed in large part via horizontal directional drilling. The project also included the installation of 5 Combination Air Valve Chambers and 4 Drain Valve Chambers. Flushing and pressure testing was also included in the scope.