Leduc - Steel Pipe Replacement - Mains and Services

Project Information

Client: AltaGas Utilities Inc.
Job Number: 13512
Work Type: Distribution Pipeline
Location: Alberta
Contract Type: Unit Price
Owner: AltaGas
Role: Prime Contractor
Status: Completed
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The project involves the replacement of steel mains and services in the Town of Leduc, Alberta. Total lengths are approximately 1,700m 6" PE, 1,100m of 4" PE, 200m of 3" PE, 2,000m of 2" PE and 230 services. New mains and services will primarily be installed by directional drilling, and about 300m of 6" was installed by directional drill under Highway 2. Gas meter work to switch customers over to the new lines ranged from a simple reconnect with a relight, to installing a 2M rotary with 3" welded downstream line that required bypassing to service a restaurant that had a constant need for gas supply.