Horizontal Directional Drilling

Line 9 Re-route (Don River)

Project Information

Client: Enbridge Pipelines
Job Number: 13022
Work Type: Heavy Rigs (100k & larger)
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: Lump Sum
Owner: Enbridge Pipelines
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The primary work involved rerouting asection of Enbridge PipelinesLine 9, from approximately KP 3081.35 to KP 3082.07 in Toronto, Ontario. This section of Line 9 is a 30 inch (762 mm) OD pipeline located on the southern edge of the Hydro One corridor between the Luton Gate and Pineway Blvd. This project involved Driectional Drilling approximately 635m of pipe under the Don River within 0m to 5m of the existing line, cutting out approximately 70m compromised pipe and restoration of unstable soils along the river bank. Scope included theinstallation of 30" valve on Line 9 including acuator and controls.