N2 Pipeline Relocation Project

Project Information

Client: Praxair Canada Inc.
Job Number: 09004
Work Type: Distribution Pipeline
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: LSC
Owner: Praxair Canada Inc.
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
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The project consisted of the installation of an NPS 6" Carbon steel pipeline approximately 650 meters in length and located on CNR Lands adjacent Aamjiwanaag First Nation Lands (AFN) in Sarnia, Ontario. The new pipeline replaced an existing pipelien that was capped and filled with nitrogen for abandonment. The pipeline ROW was along a narrow congested corridor requiring utiliization both open cut and directional drilling technologies for its installation. The tie-in to the exiting line was done following the hydrostatic test and drying of the pipeline. The existing pipeline was depressurized prior to cut in and tie-in operations.