NPS 10 EP Halifax to Bedford

Project Information

Client: Heritage Gas Inc.
Job Number: 10015
Work Type: Distribution Pipeline
Location: Nova Scotia
Contract Type: LSC
Owner: Heritage Gas Inc.
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
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The NPS 10 EP Halifax to Bedford project consisted of approximately 9.0 kilometers of elevated pressure (EP) steel pipeline and 3.2 kilometers of polyethylne pipeline as follows: 1. Approximately 3.2 kilometers of 273.1 mm diameter (NPS) steel pipeline from Barrington Street, along streets on the Halifax Peninsula. 2. Approximately 5.7 kilometers of 273.1 mm diameter (NPS 10) steel pipeline from the Fairview Overpass, along the Bedford Highway terminating at a Pressure Regulating Station near Larry Uteck Boulevard. 3. Approximaelt 80 meters of 114.3 mm diameter (NPS 4) EP Steel pipeline connection to a regulating station on Melody Drive, teed from the Bedford Highway and conenction to a regulating station near Larry Uteck Boulevard. 4. Suport of Hot Tapping Operation to occur at the intersection of Barrington Street and Rochmond Streets. 5. Approximately 3.070 meters of polyethylene (PE) pipeline was installed in the same trench as the NPS 10. An operation known as Joint Trench installation. 6. Approximately 100 meters of polyethylene pipeline was installed as perpendicular laterals for future services stubs. The project involved several direction drilling installations. The new Elevated Pressure Pipline provides Heritage Gas with the ability to deliver natural gas to the Fairview Clayton Park area of Halifax and the Bedford South and Bedford West area.