Poundmaker - 25KV HDD Crossing AHD (Anthony Henday Drive) Utility Corridor & Related Work

Project Information

Client: EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.
Job Number: 12202
Work Type: Distribution Powerlines
Location: Alberta
Contract Type: LSC
Owner: EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
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The Scope of Work consisted of construction of two (2) HDD (Horizontal Directional Drill) crossings to install 200mm High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) conduits for 25kV circuits 22PM and 31PM, running from the new Poundmaker Substation to the west side of the Anthony Henday Drive (AHD) Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC). The directional drill for Circuit 22PM included drilling and installation of one 200mm DR11 HDPE Pipe. The directional drill for circuit 31PM included the drilling and installation of one 200mm DR11 HPDE as well as one 100mm DR11 HDPE pipe for a neutral. Both drills span over 700m from entry to exit and to a maximum depth of over 30m. An entry casing was required and installed through peat, sand and clay to competent solid bedrock on both drills. Over 2300m of HDPE pipe was butt fused and installed on the project. Once both directional drills were completed, over 150m of open cut trench and fillcrete backfill was required to connect the HDD terminus points to the respective tie in manholes. The Work was undertaken within the Right-of-Way (ROW) extending from the Owners 240kV ROW on the east end of the Work Site at MH 3 and extended across the adjacent Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC) Lands, to the terminus point at MH 10 on 199 Street which is located on the west end of the Work Site. The Poundmaker Substation, 240/25kV, 2x75MVA facility is located at 18944-105 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta.