Horizontal Directional Drilling

Gananoque River Crossing

Project Information

Client: NPL Canada
Job Number: 18009-07
Work Type: Heavy Rigs (100k & larger)
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: Lump Sum
Owner: Union Gas
Role: Horizontal Directional Drilling
Status: Complete
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Somerville was contracted by NPL Canada to drill across the Gananoque River in the town of Gananoque, Ontario for a Union Gas project. The setup for the drill was very tight with limited room while still allowing residential access to a dog park and walking trail within the work area. The bore was 172m through Granite Gneiss rock with up to 235 mpa hardness. Wireline guidance was used as well as a mud motor with an HDX rock bit made for the very hard rock encountered. The bore was a success with the NPS4 pipe being pulled back after 4 1/2 days of piloting.