Provident - Integrity Dig Program

Project Information

Client: Provident Energy Inc.
Job Number: 11013
Work Type: Integrity & Maintenance
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: CPFF
Owner: Provident Energy Inc.
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
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Integrity Dig Program In late 2009 Provident Energy agreed to buy a Dow Chemical commercial hydrocarbon storage facility in Sarnia, Ontario. Provident will use the 1,000-acre 12.1-million-barrel facility to beef up its midstream operations in the area. The site has an active cavern storage capacity consisting of five million barrels of hydrocarbon storage and 7.1 million barrels historically used for storage of brine, which is injected into storage caverns to bring stored liquids to the surface. The facility also has 13 pipeline connections and a small rail offloading facility. The company also operates storage facilities and natural gas extraction plants at its Sarnia facilities. Robert B. Somerville was contracted to complete integrity digs on the property to determine the quality and integrity of the current piping system and aid in determining solutions to rectify any issues of corrosion, weakness, etc.