Refurbish Leadbeater Meterstation - Civil

Project Information

Client: Tiltran Services Inc.
Job Number: 10833
Work Type: Substations
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: LSC
Owner: Newamrket Hydro Ltd.
Role: Subcontractor
Status: Completed
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The Leadbeater MS required refurbishment to meet new OHSA and MOL regulations. Robert B. Somerville was subcontracted to perform the civil scopes which included; 1. Removal and disposal of existing concrete pad foundations; 2. Removal of existing station service transformer precast foundation once Newmarket Hydro removed the station service transformer 3. Re-installation of the station service transformer foundation and coordinate the re-installation of the station service transformer by Newmarket Hydro 4. Removal of the existing station fencing 5. Engineered grading and fill to obtain proper drainage 6. Install concrete foundations for the new 44kV-13.8kV transformer and 13.8kV switchgear 7. Install concrete encased ductbank for 15kV cable egress to two wood dip poles, from concrete pole to power transformer and from power secondary transformer to the 13.8kV switchgear 8. Install Oil Spill Containment 9. Install fence and restore boulevard