Ripley Wind Farm

Project Information

Client: K-Line Maintenance & Construction
Job Number: 06810
Work Type: Transmission Powerlines
Location: Ontario
Contract Type: UPC
Owner: Suncor/Acciona JV
Role: Subcontractor
Status: Completed
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Suncor Energy Products Inc. and Acciona Energy developed a 76-MW wind power generation facility in Ripley, Ontario about 30 km southeast of Kincardine. The project employed 38 Enercon E-82 wind turbines. Generated power is transmitted from the wind farm collector system to the grid by a double circuit 69-kV transmission line. Robert B. Somerville's scope of work included the installation of the direct bury primary collection system running between wind turbines. The work involved trenching, sand padding, installing cable, backfilling and then reinstating the easement. The project also included the installation of cable across roads and water course via directional drilling.