South Health Campus to Substation 54 Feeder Duct Bank

Project Information

Client: ENMAX Power Corporation
Job Number: 12201
Work Type: Substations
Location: Alberta
Contract Type: FFP
Owner: ENMAX Power Corporation
Role: General Contractor
Status: Completed
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In order to supply adequate electricity to the new South Health Campus Hospital in South Calgary, ENMAX was required to provide a new feeder line from Substation 54, almost 7km from the south. Robert B. Somerville was contracted by ENMAX to construct a concrete encased duct bank over the Summer and Fall of 2012. The project consisted of 6.7km of a combination of 10, 12, and 14-way duct bank, the installation of 35 precast manholes, and the pulling of 9.8km of cable. The construction essentially followed the east side of the Deerfoot Trail south from the hospital, crossed the Deerfoot Trail and the Bow River to Substation 54. The Deerfoot Trail and the Bow River Crossing was not included in this Contract, but was subsequently awarded to Robert B. Somerville under a separate contract of the same timeline.